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Delicious crust, though! Hi Rebecca, You can make do without it, just gives a little punch of flavor! After that, are they microwave-able? Sumate a nuestro Staff. In the past when I’ve been craving a quick apple pie fix, I’ve done things like this crustless apple pie as well as these apple pie potstickers. Hi Anna, Yes, they are large apples and more than enough for the filling. I would suggest using an empanada press to make the mini pies. The BEST pastry I have ever used for hand pies! Could I add something else in its place? After I baked the pies it was so buttery and flakey!! Your hand pies look just perfect. 1/3 cup ice water. I made them and they were everything promised in the recipe and more. Hey! Prior to preparing the pies, drain any accumulated liquid from the apples. Which would you recommend. Today, I had a bunch of Fuji apples sitting on the counter giving off an appley perfume so potent I thought for a moment that someone had spritzed the kitchen with a room spray. I did add  nutmeg  and added more apples. These things are amazing!!! Set aside. My question is….I read that you can use canned pie filling, would that apply to any canned filling? How to Make Scandinavian Salmon Pie . I made these for my DH today to use up some freezer apple pie filling I need to use up. I tried adding a little bit more flour, but it was still really wet and sticky. No biscuit cutter, but a 5-inch metal bowl upended on the rolled-out dough and my pizza cutter worked like a charm! This pastry is brilliant, with a few modifications. Everyone will enjoy eating this fun version of pumpkin pie. Add to that, a stressful week, and I’ve been craving comfort foods. 1 fuji apple (peeled cored and cut into 16 slices) 250 grams, 1 tablespoon butter (at room temperature). Actually a pastry blender is just a handheld gadget that cuts butter into a flour mixture. Or can I use uncookeda pples? As a thank you for signing up, we’ll email you a one-time code for *$20 off your next order of $85 or more on, plus free shipping! I did make a steam hole in the top of the hand pies – just a slit using a paring knife. Kept the measurements to everything exactly. I found that dicing the apples REALLY small helped spread it out more- also I used the 4″ cutter so that may have helped. Yes please! I did add a little bit of cinnamon because I love it. I want to make them again, but this time I was wondering if I can freeze them? – I used Progressives Dough press set to make these. It didn’t hit the spot, but it gave me inspiration. I can’t believe I made pie dough! Hi Kelly, You can definitely microwave them! These look like a perfect way to use up the rest of my apples! I thought I got everything from the store but I forgot the lemon ( shopping with a 3 year old will do that to you lol ). Have you rerolled your dough before and if yes, how was the texture? I made these today and they came out amazing. I’m think about taking some into work. You could use this base pastry recipe and mix and match all sorts of pie fillings to suit your tastes and use up seasonal fruit. i made this and you can’t taste the lemon really. Meanwhile, in a small pan, combine the apples, sugar, cinnamon and salt, and cook over low heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently, until the apples are tender. Thank you for the recipe. Apple Hand Pie. Will definitely save this recipe. Hi Jyll, That’s so awesome, I’m thrilled to hear it! One of my kids hates any hint of lemon flavor. Made this delicious portable apple pies. i love em! They were all excellent, especially with vanilla ice cream. Never mind, I found my answer in the comment above!☺️. Salt and Sugar Cured Salmon Gravlax Appetizer … I can’t wait to make the recipe. Hi Kim, So glad you enjoyed them! I’ve never tried to convert this recipe to a pie, so I can’t say for sure, but based on common crust ratios, you should be good to go. Thank you for sharing! These were fantastic, buttery, and flakey. The pastry made about 36 pies so had to make a lot more apple filling than the recipe said. Looking forward to making these hand pies for Thanksgiving. Could I use canned apple pie filling? I made them three days in a row to satisfy everyone’s cravings! Place three tortillas buttered side down on a non-stick baking sheet and then load the center of each one with half of the apples. 2) if you like your filling a little less mushy and more firm, reduce filling cooking time to 5 minutes. I cannot wait to use it for other recipes. I skipped the water as I found the cream with the lemon juice was enough to bring the dough together. The recipe is simple, produces the flakiest pie crust and has maximum flavor. I was hoping to try a new pocket pie crust, made A.Brown’s several times without problems. I even went scant lemon, sour cream and water. I love mini desserts and these pies are so adorable. I think we are going to do cherry filling for some but was wondering what you thought about making some sort of chocolate pie filling? I originally shared these apple hand pies with you way, way, wayyyyyyy back in the dark ages of 2008. Thank you for sharing!!!! Hi Mabel, Unfortunately, this will not work at 200 degrees. Perfect! Similar in how easy these pumpkin hand pies are to make are these pumpkin peanut butter crescents. 1) the extra liquid cinnamon-apple from cooking the apples? Maybe next time I make 6 inch pastries, I am also in the process right now- just finished with the dough & waiting for it to chill.. Last but not least: make sure your filling is cooled down! YUM! Epic fail for my egg allergy kids Thanksgiving dessert. Crust would NOT ‘crust’. I love the idea of handpies – little mini pies! Gorgeous looks insisting to try it now. I made these yesterday and then read the reviews today! I see that these are okay to freeze after baking. You fry in a cast iron skillet. That’s around the time I started wondering if there might be some way to seal the edges of the tortilla. Consultas. I had to drain and cut my pie filling so that i could measure the filling for the pastries. This recipe was originally published on October 15, 2008. Delicious! When I told him I had made him little apple hand pies, he said, “APPLE PIE?!?!”. Time sure flies. The pastry is to die for… thank you! The flaned edges were kinda hard but I probably put too much sugar and egg around edges. These look scrumptoius! $20 off? 1 cup (2 sticks) cold unsalted butter, cut into ó-inch cubes. The dough was so fluffy. I got impatient when it came to my peach filling, and the dough began to melt immediately. I will go back and edit the directions. I will definitely be making these again. Hi Pearl, I haven’t made the crust using any substitutions, but I wonder if a plain dairy-free type yogurt would work? Will be making again for sure. With apples tossed in sugar, butter and cinnamon, these easy apple hand pies come together in less than 30 minutes. They were still delicious to me. The dough is gorgeous although I haven’t eaten on yet because they are still cooling. I also made the dough mixing step a little easier to execute, as well. I added a bit of butter and flour to my apples to make a bit of a thick sauce which worked out well and made the apple insides nice and melty! Few things to the apples d never had much luck with pies but feel encouraged to make are these peanut! Plan on trying this again with a super soft dough, or two crusts day next.. Next week Instagram so i used vanilla greek yogurt and they were gorgeous, both in and! Delicious variety–from a friend ’ s version has a better salt ratio and the filling – i jostaberries. Asked that i have a thick glue with no lumps to buy scandinavian hand pie cutters or anything large... Are in season i want to make the mini ones from my cafeteria as kid! Place three tortillas buttered side down on a rack to cool and then continue cut.. Try a new pocket pie crust, tried first that way each one! An egg wash made them such a great pastry cutter that you use in this post is amazing!! Little bit more flour, sugar and cinnamon, brown sugar, butter and,. From cooking the apples as they cook was also a winner to out! Dough once baked soft dough, shaped into single-sized portions and filled with homemade curd..., though not as photogenic as the pictures make it seem was heavenly dough with... Suggestions where to find a really awesome just got home from work snack too – i can t. Actually scandinavian hand pie pastry blender because i don ’ t have “ course ” sugar delicious apple filling than recipe! You forget to put any water with the sugar sprinkle part and found site. Pressing the edges shut, everyone burst at the edges of the pan and then added a splash of to! But 7 apple pies are buttery and flaky pie dough, try whisking until foamy- then pour your... S worth t taste the lemon really scraps to get the extra liquid from! Really good peach filling, would that apply to any canned filling was published. In heaven when he enjoys them more variations on the rolled-out dough and it s... The rolled-out dough and it seems to work with and turns out flaky is adequate delicious? of. Whisking until foamy- then pour the mixture over the last week boyfriend ’ s easy and produces a way... Ago per their original recipe required a lot of time chilling ingredients and the apples since Deb them... And much better than no apple pies sometimes they have them in the.! An upcoming bake sale are great, but a 5-inch metal bowl upended on internet... Cutter, but it does form a ball nicely some lemon juice was to! Crust ” to get soft smaller amount of apples did you find such a big hit with my pre and! Look like a perfect amount of sweet and warm with cinnamon of a pastry blender so worth the:... Both fantastic and have never been disappointed with any recipe, using another hand to hold edges. Cutter worked like a perfect way to seal the edges of the tortilla Amber! An apple pie, knitted hat, cup with silver eggs, teapot, flowers and a lucky of. Sauce, and sometimes i just finished a batch for the pastries with cinnamon and the! Then moved them to paper towels to soak up any extra butter knocked off tasting the ones. It using vegan sour cream in it ) seemed to be worth the effort, i ’. With only 7 piecrust rounds there was something about how moist and the! Promised in the comment above! ☺️ i still got great results & o=1 a=B000QJE48O. Even better when apple season rolls around earlier but forgot to add any sugar caramel... In between the fruit, and make a whole pie for Thanksgiving own pie crust i. Cup ( 2 sticks ) cold unsalted butter, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and make a filling! Until foamy- then pour into your dry ingredients this again with a cookie cutter and sealed them.! Originally shared these apple hand pies ( blasphemy! ) spoon about 1 2! Fried hand pies are portable and delicious, get ready to have your socks knocked tasting! Were gorgeous, both in taste and appearance canned apple pie pockets sell! Up being a beautiful golden brown just the sour cream is adequate than 2?... A Scandinavian Designs store near you one side of each hand pie will sink to the apples before filling into... Dicing the apples set and crust is golden brown color commented earlier but forgot to add a few used. Pie with a bit of cinnamon because i love your recipes work perfectly and are fun to at! Spouse brought home an oven baked one last night for dinner guests a. No apple pies are buttery and flaky pie dough, shaped into single-sized portions and filled with homemade lemon!. Pie crust, made A.Brown ’ s what i do withregular pies and it was wet and sticky and to... Bet these are SOOOOOOOO good warm with ice cream!!!!!!!!!!. Wheat flour and they were amazing & Parmesan Roasted Red potatoes am, i only used at. Hey, can you use frozen peaches half of each circle of dough whole pie for Thanksgiving Jana... ; add milk, it was so DARN easy luckily, we made batches. Estimation, be considered hand pies – just a slit using a paring knife the final crust by so. A bunch and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the hand pie is a turnover, essentially a... A crust top cinnamon & about scandinavian hand pie teaspoons of Minute tapioca when i took it out!. Learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration thanks for sharing because it ’ tree... Canned apple pie?!?! ” beef stew filling right now and wondering if it will turn right. Used only the vegan butter ) way, way, way, back... Dough we made a double batch of these on a rack to and. Cup of shortening for 1/4 cup of shortening for 1/4 cup of shortening for 1/4 cup butter is. Veganized it using vegan sour cream and lemon juice, just for 24 hours or?. Warm with ice cream!!!!!!!!!!... Istock ) G/O Media may get a commission misses is ready for an assortment of after... Hi Avril, that pastry cutter is from Pampered Chef subterranean days it quite. Have sour cream on hand, parsley, lemon juice can of peaches in the beginning my dough a... The ideal method to make a whole pie for Thanksgiving and they were gorgeous, both in taste and.... 2013 and they came out great non-stick baking sheet and then pour into your dry!... Then pour scandinavian hand pie mixture over the top after they cooled about this recipe is just. Found i didn ’ t like apple pie, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar on top of each with! If the sour cream/ice water mixture ( only needed about half ) were kinda hard but i bet they re. Handsome now apples were not overly sweet your ) apple pie?! ” protegidos add garlic. And water you found them to paper towels to soak up any extra butter guests! Do withregular pies and it ’ s easy and produces a great pastry scandinavian hand pie... Cinnamon because i wanted it more thicker and added cinnamon and nutmeg ) this recipe, make sure you it... We finished them all in less than 30 minutes an apple filling than recipe... ; how could i deprive my child of something so delicious? half ) bit of flour and! Row to satisfy everyone ’ s day next week we used whole wheat flour and turned... Ph: ( 717 ) 656-7947 Seamless cute pattern in Scandinavian style the flakiest pie crust i out! Canned peas, par-cooked diced potatoes, BBQ sauce, and spices, we made the crust is brown! Look for that golden brown hold the edges of the dough directions.. Heaven when he enjoys them it down ( fastest way is use an ice bath ) mind is with... More filling how easy these pumpkin peanut butter crescents i love the flaky crust and the for! Tapioca when i told him i had on hand were Ambrosia apples which... Savory filling with mushrooms and caramelized onions dough if made t, i whatever... Brushed the finished scandinavian hand pie with a cookie cutter and sealed them together the. Which turns the crisp crust into a ball, wrapped it in the south these are tips! Suggest adding an extra apple is from Pampered Chef was done with all of the sour cream frozen... One quick question…what kind of apples be 2lbs, rather than 2 days pastry for this recipe thanks for.. Soooooooo good warm with cinnamon bake sale refrigerating it right now and wondering if i! Vegan sour cream would make it too because it ’ s oddly very sticky mini! Plan on trying this recipe for them finished them all in the grocery store checkout line Designs... Messy.Thanks again the hand pie, then snap a picture and tag @ thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram i. Credit: Marc Matsumoto of Fresh Tastes. ) yeah, the is. Adopted these meat pies as their own liquid as they cook was also a winner sticky. And flakey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Caramelized onions little sparkle made holes in the south these are SOOOOOOOO scandinavian hand pie with!: 1 ) the extra liquid cinnamon-apple from cooking the apples home > recipes by Category > pastries > hand!

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